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Sonny Bohanan

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Writer & editor of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, journalism, social media, corporate communications, training. Former editor at Fort Worth Star-Telegram and American Literary Review. Blogger.

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Church pews article

On God, the Devil and the $50 Bet - Personal Essay/Humor

I feel certain that no one has remembered me in their prayers for a long, long time. Until recently, that is....

fort worth star-telegram

Blinded by Faith - A Star-Telegram investigation

Long-secret documents reveal Fort Worth Catholic bishop covered up a priest's sexual transgressions. A 3-part investigation. Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Open uri20160630 11897 1ejtu2p article

Arachnophobia: Spider man lures editor into his web - Personal Essay/Humor

A Friday night caller to the city desk lured a newspaper editor into a web of deceit. OK, more like a web of gullibility. Wichita Falls Times Record News.

amarillo globe-news

Class of 2000 - A Serial Narrative in Five Parts

Sonny Bohanan went back to high school for a nine-month project profiling five students in the Class of 2000 who agreed to open their lives to public inspection. The result was a 5-day serial narrative. 21,300 words. Amarillo Globe-News.

Dog in a cage 1  courtesy sixninepixels at article
amarillo globe-news

Dog Day Afternoon - Feature/Day in the Life

Hoping to lessen animals' suffering, Erlene Wheeler works a heart-breaking job. Just don't call her a dogcatcher, please. Amarillo Globe-News.

fort worth star-telegram

Cowboys vs. Flyboys - Humor/News Feature

Dallas Cowboys steal the spotlight from Air Force fighter pilots during training camp in Wichita Falls. It's the season of swagger. Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Ray wylie hubbard 300x199 article

Ray Wylie at Home - Personal Essay/Music

Ray Wylie Hubbard came home to Oak Cliff's Kessler Theater, and he brought his granddaddy's guitar with him.

Gunshot article

Shoot First: Family Feud - Personal Essay/Family

The Tate-Bohannan feud 80 years ago in Clovis, N.M., left 3 men dead and 19 kids fatherless. Where is the lesson in such senseless death?

Grandma color photo 214x300 article

She’s a True Jewel - Personal Essay/Family/Dust Bowl

I called my grandmother on her 97th birthday, and she regaled me with stories about farming in the Oklahoma Panhandle during the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.

amarillo globe-news

The Charge: Murder - News/True Crime Serial

As an oilfield firefighter, Tex Thornton cheated death many times, but it caught up with him in an Amarillo motel. A 3-part true crime serial. Amarillo Globe-News.

Matt bell web1 300x199 article

Matt Bell visits UNT - Personal Essay/Author Reading

Visiting Writer Matt Bell of Michigan finished his fiction reading at UNT without breaking a sweat. Literally.

Don knotts barney fife article

Hassled by the Heat - Personal Essay/Humor

I blew into the deserted, wind-scoured downtown of Happy, Texas. The local constabulary, mistaking me for a would-be bank robber, promptly ran me out of town.

Full of Grace to the End - Personal Essay/Family

A couple of years ago, I predicted my grandmother would live to be 100 years old. She was right, as always, when she happily pointed out, “Who knows, I may be dead by then.”

Picture 002 e1360539299972 222x300 article

Holding This Thing Together: 50 Years of Wedded Bliss - Personal Essay/Family

Love is for the young. Commitment — now that’s something totally different.

Baby in crib article
wichita falls times record news

Life's Good with 2 Kids - Personal Essay/Humor

My wife and I had a daughter and a son, so it was an easy decision to stop having children. After a quick garage sale, everything in the nursery was gone.