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Sonny Bohanan

Professional writer and editor

Writer, editor of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, essays, journalism, social media, corporate communications and training. Former editor at Fort Worth Star-Telegram, American Literary Review. Blogger.

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Church pews article

On God, the Devil & the $50 Bet - Personal Essay/Humor

I feel certain that no one has remembered me in their prayers for a long, long time. Until recently, that is....

Toolbelt for world drops beneath you  fiction article

The World Drops Beneath You - New Fiction at

Fiction by Sonny Bohanan: Eighteen-year-old Jake McClellan faces a life-changing decision when he's drafted into the Vietnam War in 1969.

fort worth star-telegram

Blinded by Faith - A Star-Telegram investigation

Long-secret documents reveal Fort Worth Catholic bishop covered up a priest's sexual transgressions. A 3-part investigation. Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

amarillo globe-news

Class of 2000 - A Serial Narrative in Five Parts

Sonny Bohanan went back to high school for a nine-month project profiling five students in the Class of 2000 who agreed to open their lives to public inspection. The result was a 5-day serial narrative. 21,300 words. Amarillo Globe-News.

Dog in a cage 1  courtesy sixninepixels at article
amarillo globe-news

Dog Day Afternoon - Feature/Day in the Life

Hoping to lessen animals' suffering, Erlene Wheeler works a heart-breaking job. Just don't call her a dogcatcher, please. Amarillo Globe-News.

fort worth star-telegram

Cowboys vs. Flyboys - Humor/News Feature

Dallas Cowboys steal the spotlight from Air Force fighter pilots during training camp in Wichita Falls. It's the season of swagger. Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Ray wylie hubbard 300x199 article

Ray Wylie at Home - Personal Essay/Music

Ray Wylie Hubbard came home to Oak Cliff's Kessler Theater, and he brought his granddaddy's guitar with him.

The knotted gun 879289 1280 article

Republicans Think You’re An Idiot - Political Essay/Gun Violence

Maybe you don’t know how sick America has become. I’ll tell you: After the latest mass shooting in San Bernardino on Dec. 2, Republicans voted the next day to allow suspected terrorists on the U.S.…...

amarillo globe-news

The Charge: Murder - News/True Crime Serial

As an oilfield firefighter, Tex Thornton cheated death many times, but it caught up with him in an Amarillo motel. A 3-part true crime serial. Amarillo Globe-News.

Matt bell web1 300x199 article

Matt Bell visits UNT - Personal Essay/Author Reading

Visiting Writer Matt Bell of Michigan finished his fiction reading at UNT without breaking a sweat. Literally.

Grandma color photo 214x300 article

She’s a True Jewel - Personal Essay/Family/Dust Bowl

I called my grandmother on her 97th birthday, and she regaled me with stories about farming in the Oklahoma Panhandle during the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression.

Open uri20160630 11897 1sja1ou article

Treat Gun Manufacturers Like We Did Big Tobacco - Political Essay/Gun Control

The Freedom Group is one of the gun manufacturers profiting from the epidemic of mass shootings in the United States. The company, which marketed the assault rifle used to kill 20 first graders at Sandy Hook, gets fat sowing fear.

Barack obama quora article

Is President Obama hurting or helping America's image - Political Essay

Without a doubt, President Obama has helped the image of the United States during his two terms in office. In fact, he's the best American president in half a century.

Shoot First: Family Feud - Personal Essay/Family

The Tate-Bohannan feud 80 years ago in Clovis, N.M., left 3 men dead and 19 kids fatherless. Where is the lesson in such senseless death?

Open uri20160630 11897 1jce5in article

Funny, or Scary? - Political Essay/Republican Party

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are leading the Republican Party presidential hopefuls after six debates. I don’t know if that’s more funny or scary.